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Bigmala Says You Should Now Keep It 139%

There Is A New Phrase in the Urban Dictionary now . Keeping it 139% . Thanks to the Bigmala coined phrase in the Viral Meme Below.

In an Interview Bigmala said ,”It just came to me, why would you ever want to stop at 100 you gotta give more! 139% more!” When asked why he did not use another number . He simply said its the first number that came to mind when writing the lyrics to his song Live Forever as Seen Below.

so there you have it . Why keep it 100 when you can keep it 139%. well so we heard!

Comedian Charlie Murphy Dead at 57 after Leukemia Battle

Rest in Peace Charlie Murphy Born: July 12, 1959,   Brooklyn, New York City, NY Died: April 12, 2017

Charlie had been battling Leukemia Privately , so his death came as a shock to many fans. Including the Bigmala.com Team . We would like to offer our Condolences to his family , friends  and fans.

To Celebrate His Life we have Decided to find and post our top 5 Favorite Charlie Murphy moments.



[ WARNING NSFW Language ]

















Thankyou for many Laughs Charlie Murphy. Rest In Peace.



Listen to My Life Is Better Than Yours

The Single from Bigmalas Summer Raid Album is Out! Play the Fast moving , In your face Loud Song From Dancehall , Reggae and Pop artist BigMala.

 Play this song for those people who think their life is better than yours. It is a Viral Song waiting to happen. Play it here and know where you heard it First!

Bartender Spotlight Ryan (Batman) Kenny!

Is it a Bird? Is it A Plane? No its Ryan Batman! and he is not flying he is usually on his motorcycle.  DONT try tell this Dark Knight that though! check out the pictures of Ryan the Resident Bartender At Whiskys 20. Comment and Let us Know what you Think. Should we do more Features?

  1. You need a drink?

2. Did you Call For Batman??

3. Enjoying the Nightlife!

4. The Beach is That Way!

5. After So long in the business you learn some tricks!


Ryan is the Best! if not one of the Best Bartenders you will meet in Manchester NH. tell your friends! and keep the night life going! you want more ? let us know!